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PW-1083   "...Coucou!"
PW-1106   "10,000 Kisses"
PW-1102   "19th Hole"
PW-1025   "21"
PW-1046   "21st Century Fox"
PW-1042   "A Day in the Country"
PW-1053   "A Kiss to Build a Dream On"
PW-1028   "Acqua Vita"
SP-2007   "Admiral"
PW-1105   "All Hands on Deck!"
PW-1027   "Alpine Pantry"
CD-0027   "Amandine"
PW-1086   "Apple Spice"
PW-1047   "Apres Ski"
PW-1015   "Archie's Clan"
PW-1073   "Baby in the Boxwood"
SP-2006   "Bark and Sloop"
CD-0041   "Beautiful Dreamer"
PW-1085   "Bell Island"
CD-0023   "Belle Vue"
CD-0007   "Beth & Burt"
PW-1021   "Big Bouquet"
PW-1087   "Blue Poppies"
PW-1061   "Bon Appetit!"
CD-0031   "Bon Voyage"
PW-1032   "Breakfast in Bed"
PW-1074   "Breckenridge"
CD-0032   "Bridal Veil"
PW-1066   "Café Vendôme"
PW-1070   "Campagna"
PW-1002   "Capt. Tom Casey"
HL-3002   "Catarina"
HL-3022   "Catboat Basin"
PW-1023   "Central Park West"
PW-1040   "Champ"
HL-3031   "Chan is Missing"
PW-1081   "Charlotte Royale"
PW-1005   "Chez Bouley"
HL-3011   "Christmas Fair"
HL-3012   "Christmas Puppy"
HL-3020   "Country House"
HL-3024   "Cross-Country"
CD-0035   "Daisy Girl"
PW-1075   "Dance with Me"
HL-3025   "December Picnic"
SP-2005   "Deuce"
HL-3023   "Epiphany Cakes"
CD-0022   "Eulalie's Balloons"
HL-3026   "Eventide"
PW-1100   "Feelin' Good, Louis"
PW-1043   "Fleurs d' Amour"
PW-1076   "Fountain of Youth"
PW-1030   "Fox Tweed"
PW-1069   "Franc"
PW-1003   "From the Terrace"
CD-0006   "George & Ellen"
PW-1054   "Gimme the Mocha"
CD-0040   "Goodbye, England's Rose"
CD-0020   "Goodnight, Little Redheads"
HL-3004   "Grace Church Street"
CD-0034   "Gramercy Park"
HL-3029   "Grindelwald"
HL-3008   "Hanover Farm"
PW-1088   "Hats Off!"
CD-0030   "High Pastures"
PW-1035   "High Tide"
PW-1057   "Hotel Cipriani"
PW-1018   "Hotel Tramontano"
PW-1011   "How I Spent My Summer Vacation"
PW-1065   "Il Dolce"
PW-1004   "It's a Pisa Cake"
SP-2003   "Jack Paar and Bogey"
SP-2004   "Killy and Kidd"
PW-1101   "La Crémière"
PW-1019   "La Fête"
PW-1045   "Lady Baltimore"
PW-1010   "Last Year at Marienbad"
PW-1052   "Le Madrigal"
PW-1098   "Le Midi"
PW-1044   "Let's Celebrate"
PW-1063   "Love is Born"
PW-1060   "Love that Bob"
CD-0039   "Lucky Bartle"
PW-1050   "Lucky Strike"
PW-1051   "Maggie's Table"
PW-1041   "Marina Blu"
PW-1022   "Marion's Cake"
CD-0011   "Maude's Tea Cup"
CD-0026   "Member of the Wedding"
HL-3014   "Metropolitans"
CD-0003   "Missing You"
CD-0037   "Monarchs of the Glen"
CD-0018   "Mr. Boston"
CD-0025   "My Little Margie"
HL-3030   "Narragansett"
HL-3005   "Normanna"
HL-3007   "North Woods Express"
PW-1094   "Now, Voyagers"
PW-1096   "Ode on an Urn"
PW-1058   "One Man Show"
PW-1012   "P.S. I Love You"
PW-1014   "Party at Miramar"
PW-1064   "Party Boys"
PW-1089   "Periwinkle"
HL-3010   "Pinks & Green"
PW-1092   "Pinot Noir"
PW-1016   "Pistachio Cake"
PW-1033   "Red Vespa"
CD-0036   "Red's Velvet"
HL-3006   "Ring in the New Year"
PW-1082   "River Road"
PW-1056   "Rob Roy"
CD-0008   "Robin & The Doc"
SP-2001   "Round Hill"
CD-0038   "Rowayton"
PW-1048   "Rupert Pupkin"
CD-0021   "Sabbiadoro"
PW-1079   "Sara & Dippity"
PW-1009   "Satin Doll"
PW-1067   "Scoop"
PW-1008   "Sea Dog"
PW-1080   "Shelter Island"
HL-3009   "Snow Fox"
PW-1103   "Something in the Air"
PW-1097   "Somewhere Only We Go"
PW-1095   "Special Order"
PW-1084   "Spinnaker"
SP-2002   "Sporting Life"
HL-3021   "St. Moritz"
HL-3028   "Stag Party"
PW-1091   "Sugaree"
HL-3013   "Sugarhaus"
CD-0017   "Sun Swept"
PW-1038   "Sunday Times"
PW-1077   "Surfside"
PW-1024   "Surprise Party"
PW-1001   "Susan Rose Casey"
PW-1093   "Sweet Things"
CD-0016   "Take Five"
PW-1049   "Tartan Wedding"
PW-1039   "The Big Kalamazoo"
PW-1031   "The Cottage"
HL-3018   "The Decorators"
PW-1026   "The Endless Summer"
PW-1090   "The Gold Rush"
CD-0033   "The Jade Cat"
PW-1062   "The Kitten Club"
PW-1020   "The Little Foxes"
PW-1034   "The Marzipan Carrot"
PW-1007   "The Patty Cake Shop"
CD-0028   "The Wild Ones"
HL-3015   "There Go the Renards"
HL-3016   "Three French Hens, Two Tiny Dogs"
PW-1006   "Tinker's Cake"
PW-1078   "Tournesols"
HL-3019   "Townhouse"
CD-0010   "Under the Monet"
PW-1104   "Valrhona"
PW-1036   "Vespers"
PW-1099   "Via Antica"
PW-1017   "Waiting for Baby"
PW-1029   "Wedding Cake"
HL-3027   "Wesskum Wood"
CD-0024   "Westies"
PW-1055   "Westmoor"
PW-1037   "Whitey"
CD-0009   "William & Sarah"
CD-0029   "Willowmere"
PW-1068   "Wimbledon"
PW-1072   "Window on Fifth"
HL-3017   "Wintermint"
PW-1059   "Woofie and Piggy"
PW-1071   "You're Invited"

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